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🚀🚀 Attention all adventurers of the digital realm! Gear up, as we introduce Channel 4 - a revolution in disguise, a prototype with the potential to redefine your online experience. Born from the nostalgia of the internet's golden age, we're here to resurrect the thrill of uncharted journeys with every click. Channel 4 is your digital playground, a space beyond the curated content of corporate platforms like TikTok or YouTube. We're orchestrating a rebellion against their monotony and predictability with the firepower of blockchain. Our secret weapon? State channels - the fastest blockchain solution that powers transactions at the speed of light! 💡🚀 As we are still at the exciting proof of concept stage, we're inviting you to envision a new world with us. Imagine sharing a piece of content that strikes a chord with our buzzing community and voila! Your account fills up with rewards every time someone likes your discovery. Yes, we're talking about an ecosystem where sharing equals earning! As the Pollen Lab, our mission is not just to obliterate boredom but to also invigorate your digital life with a sense of community and reward. We're pioneering this change WITH YOU. The Channel 4 prototype is a harbinger of a new era - an era of unfiltered discovery, rapid transactions, and communal sharing. Strap in, fellow explorers. A journey of a lifetime awaits! We're stepping into uncharted territories, pushing boundaries, and exploring possibilities together. Welcome to the future of content discovery, where each day is a new world to explore! 🚀💡💰
Internal first proof-of-concept
Buckle up! As we ignite the engines for Proof-of-Concept v2 launch, we invite our trailblazing community to co-pilot this thrilling journey, providing invaluable feedback and enjoying first dibs on all the electrifying new features!
Q4, 2023
Launching v.0.3
Made in Plasmic